Grand Canyon Hopi Point

Grand Canyon Hopi Point is located along West Rim Drive on the South Rim. West Rim Drive was once called Hermit Rim Road. It spans approximately 8 miles and was constructed in 1912. In 1919, it was rebuilt by the National Park Service. In the summer, the road is closed to automobiles but you can take a shuttle bus or travel the trail. There are many notable points located on this drive, with only one of them being Hopi Point.

Hopi Point at Sunrise

Hopi Point is the fourth stop on West Rim Drive. You will see great views of the Colorado River and of course the gorgeous rock formations that make the canyon so famous. Many people stop at Hopi Point to watch the sunset as it is an ideal location. Another thing you may see from Hopi Point are whitewater rapids. They may not look like much from the point but are quite majestic when you are close to them. Many adventurers actually travel to the bottom of the canyon or ride the river through it. White water rafting is just one way to explore the Grand Canyon.

From Hopi Point you can see more than 40 miles both east and west when the weather is clear. The viewing points at Hopi Point are fenced to provide safety to visitors. The dropoff here is straight down and you definitely don't want to get close too the edge. Traveling west from Hopi Point you will reach Mohave Point, another popular viewing place but one that is not as quite as popular as Hopi. Mohave Point also features a variety of notable views including one of the Alligator which is a red rock formation that looks like an alligator head.

Whether you visit Grand Canyon Hopi Point or another location, you are sure to be blown away by this naturally formed gorge's breathtaking beauty. Mere words cannot describe how incredible the view actually is. The canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide at the widest point and one mile deep. It was thought of as a spiritual mecca by the ancient Pueblo tribes, and once you see it in person you will understand why. The Grand Canyon welcomes five million visitors each year and remains one of the most beloved wonders of the natural world.

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